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D1 UL start hand holdsWorkshops

  1. I deliver Rehab Principles and Facilitation workshops for Occupational Therapists & Physio’s.  Objectives & programme here.
  2. I deliver PNF workshops (max 18 participants). Planned dates or contact me to  host.  Course objectives here & testimonials from previous  workshops.
  3. Facilitate small groups in specific treatment techniques (e.g. Primitive Reflex Inhibition, Normal Movement……).
  4. Guidance for Carers helping others.

 Peer Reviews  (testimonials)

I provide Peer Reviews for HCPC physiotherapists working in paediatric and adult neurology.  As a clinician and CPD Champion (CSP) I am passionate about learning and developing myself and others by utilising my extensive teaching, and supervision experience (my resume).   I believe if therapists enjoy their role they will provide quality treatments.

Why do you need peer reviews / supervision?

  • Are you a sole practitioner?
  • Do you need evidence of ongoing CPD standards for HCPC registration?
  • Seeking confirmation of your clinical knowledge, treatments, quality/ effectiveness of your interventions and Reflective Practice skills?
  • Desire to develop structured assessments and explore a variety of treatment approaches.
  • Clarification to you and your clients that you are serious about providing quality care.
  • Want to identify learning opportunities relating to ongoing CPD?  e.g. peer reviews, reflective practice, case study……

The format of the sessions?

  • Prior to meeting I will mutually agree with you what your objectives are for the session.


Use of Clinical Reasoning relating to various assessment skills and  & treatment approaches.

Constructive/concise  verbal  and written feedback including clinical documentation via e portfolio

In-depth patient assessments and  analyses to evolve hypotheses, aims, and goals

Joint “hands on” physiotherapy treatment  exploring new/developing techniques when relevant

NOT Included


Judgemental comments

Support for individuals emotional burdens

Please contact me for specific requests, fees and other information

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Patient testimonials

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    • “I noticed my son never had very good balance and used to fall over a lot. I saw GP and local CDC who assured me nothing wrong. But I knew his balance and gait wasn’t quite right.

      —Charlotte Barker

    • “Pam assisted in treating my 8 year old daughter who has a weakness in her left side due to a stroke when she was 18 months old.

      My daughter was struggling to ride her bike as her left foot kept coming off the pedals and her left  grip wasn’t strong enough to hold the bike straight.After an initial assessment with Pam and then a number of exercises performed and then followed up at home with an exercise plan,

      —Roisin Currie