Cerebral Palsy (CP)

DSC_6786Cerebral Palsy is present from birth and can present a wide range of problems.  The change in the tightness (high tone ) of muscles can lead to them pulling abnormally on the skeleton and for growing children this can pull joints etc. out of alignment.  Early management, intervention and minimising this imbalance aims to lessen the disruption to growth and promote function.

I provide a specialist physiotherapy assessment that  addresses issues including:

  • Alterations in function (sitting standing walking, dressing, home life, sports, work life)
  • Stretches and recovery after surgery
  • Weakness and / or tight (high tone) in muscles
  • Problems knowing where you are in space
  • Sensory and awareness changes
  • Reduced balance

The NHS conditions website  provides clear, up-to-date information and resources for those with CP, their carers and families.  Scope is a well known charity for those with disabilities including CP.

Please feel free to contact Pam for further information and advice.


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    • “I noticed my son never had very good balance and used to fall over a lot. I saw GP and local CDC who assured me nothing wrong. But I knew his balance and gait wasn’t quite right.

      —Charlotte Barker

    • “Pam assisted in treating my 8 year old daughter who has a weakness in her left side due to a stroke when she was 18 months old.

      My daughter was struggling to ride her bike as her left foot kept coming off the pedals and her left  grip wasn’t strong enough to hold the bike straight.After an initial assessment with Pam and then a number of exercises performed and then followed up at home with an exercise plan,

      —Roisin Currie