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D1 UL return hand holdsDSC_1547

Introduction & Intermediate PNF Workshop 

Harrogate District Hospital

13th and 20th January 2018  09.00 – 16.30

Limited places

£180 for the 2 day workshop

Harrogate 2 day PNF programme Jan 2018

Once the workshop is full I will run a waiting list for last minute cancellations and future workshops

Scapula posterior deprerssion hand holdOverview Workshop Content

Theory i.e. Principles and Techniques

Pelvic Patterns

Shoulder girdle patterns

Upper limb patterns D1 and D2

Lower limb patternsD1 and D2 

All above applied in function

Bridging  /  Rhythmical Stabilisations

Case studies e.g. Sitting, Components of patterns, Crawling, Steps, Rolling……

Objectives for PNF Workshops
Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) is an approach that facilitates patterns of movement using manual resistance techniques. This is across specialities including MSK, Neuro, Paediatrics, rehabilitation.  It is suitable for those new to PNF/ have baseline knowledge & those want to develop skills.  The course will focus on skill development, clinical assessment & functional application utilising the PNF approach in management of patients. It has a large practical component and therapists will practice PNF skills together in small groups/pairs.
Through this workshop, participants will:

1. Gain an understanding of the philosophy and principles of PNF.
2. Gain the foundations of skill acquisition in the performance of the basic patterns of PNF including:  a. Scapular patterns b. Pelvic patterns c. Upper limb patterns d. Lower limb patterns
3. Develop the ability to apply the techniques of PNF to individuals requiring movement re-education. Including a. Repeated stretches,  b. Slow reversals,  c. Rhythmical Stablisations

4. Develop an understanding of how to incorporate PNF with other treatment approaches.
5. Have an ability to utilise PNF techniques in functional activities such as bed mobility, gait, sporting actions…. by considering case study examples

£180 for the 2 day workshop